Ionic 2 Tutorial

Ionic 2 Tutorial: Ionic is open source Modern front-end SDK for developing Hybrid mobile applications. Ionic’s first version was launched in 2013 with the aim to make a better for web developers to use their web skills to create mobile apps. Ionic is one of the most popular Hybrid Mobile App Development framework, more than 1.2 million apps are built on Ionic.

Ionic 2 is improved version of Ionic 1. Ionic 2 has improved performance, reduced the complexity of the code and enables you to create apps which can compete the best apps in the world.

Ionic 2 Tutorial With Example & Demo

Ionic 2 enables us to create beautiful apps with high performance which will run across each platform. Ionic 2 is different than angular 1 as it is built on Angular 2. It is easy to learn and create apps in Ionic 2.


This tutorial is made for the developers who are willing to learn the Ionic 2 with example and demo.

What You Should Know?

Before staring on Ionic 2 you should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS And Angular 2.

Features Of Ionic 2

Ionic 2 comes with massive improvements which makes it perfect framework for cross platform Application Development. Let us have some core features of Ionic 2-

  • Amazing Performance Ionic 2 comes with amazing performance, it has improved performance than v1.-
  • Simplicity Ionic 2 is simple & easy to learn. It has simple folder structure and it is very simple to customize the components.
  • Platform Independent : Ionic 2 is platform independent – code once and deploy on any platform – android, ios.
  • Native Focused: Ionic 2 is native focused, it is easier native access such as GPS, Bluetooth, Camera etc.
  • Powerful CLI: It has powerful cli which makes development easy & fast.
  • Great Community: Ionic has powerful community, it’s forum has more then 2 Million page views every month and 3500+ apps created daily.

We are sure once you will learn Ionic 2, you will fall in love with it.


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