Ionic 2 Native 3DTouch

Ionic 2 Native 3DTouch– Install cordova-plugin-3dtouch plugin to use the native 3DTouch feature. 3DTouch is only supported in IOS platform. Here in this tutorial we are going to explain how you can use Ionic 2 Native 3DTouch in IOS.

Ionic 2 Native 3DTouch Example

You can install the 3DTouch plugin simply as below-


3DTouch Plugin Installation Syntax:

3DTouch Example

After Installing the 3DTouch plugin you can use it. Here is an example of Native 3DTouch.-

Ionic 2 Native 3DTouch Example:

Supported Platforms

This feature is only supported in IOS.

Static Methods

Following static methods are available-

  • 1. isAvailable
  • 2. watchForceTouches
  • 3. configureQuickActions
  • 4. onHomeIconPressed
  • 5. enableLinkPreview
  • 6. disableLinkPreview