Php 5 String Functions Reference

Php 5 String Functions Referencee : Here is the list of Php 5 String Functions

Php 5 String Functions Reference

[table caption=”Php 5 String FUnctions” width=”100%” colwidth=”20|100|200|200″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
1,addcslashes(),It Adds the backslash before the specified string,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
2,addslashes(),It adds backslash(\) before each single quote(‘) and double quote(“) in string,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
3,bin2hex(),bin2hex() converts the binary string to hexadecimal string,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
4,chop(),used to remove the whitespaces or predefined character from right,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
5,chr(),is used to convert an ASCII number to character,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
6,chunk_split(),chunk_split() Function splits the string in series of smaller parts.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
7,convert_cyr_string(),Is Used to convert one character set to another character set.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
8,convert_uuencode(),convert_uuencode() is used to encode a string using the uuencode algorithm.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
9,convert_uudecode(),It is used to decode a string using the uudecode algorithm.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
10,count_chars(),count_chars() Function splits the string in series of smaller parts.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
11,crc32(),crc32() It creates the 32-Bit Cyclic redundancy checksum of a string.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
12,crypt(),crypt() It encrypts the string using the DES Blowfish or MD5 algorithms.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
13,echo(),echo() It Echo function is used to print the strings in php..,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
14,explode(),explode() converts string to array.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
15,html_entity_decode(),html_entity_decode() It converts the html entities to its applicable characters,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
16,htmlspecialchars_decode(),htmlspecialchars_decode() It converts Some HTML entities to its characters equivalent.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
17,htmlspecialchars(),htmlspecialchars() It converts Special Characters to HTML entities.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
18,Implode(),htmlspecialchars_decode() It converts array into string.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
19,number_format(),This function is used to format a number with grouped thousand.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »
20,number_format(),Is used to pad a string to new length with another string.,More Detail & Demo», Demo »


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