KnockoutJS Tutorial

KnockoutJS Tutorial: KnockoutJS is JavaScript Library which enables us to create rich, responsive applications. KnockoutJS is based on MVVM(Model, View, View Model) architecture. KnockoutJS helps you to implement the UI update functionality that is changing dynamically based on the user interaction or external data source change. KnockoutJS is very simple to learn.

Here in this tutorial, we are going to cover the basic and advanced topics in KnockoutJS.

KnockoutJS Tutorial With Example & Demo

Here in this tutorial we will explain each topic with example and demo.

KnockoutJs Features

KnockoutJs has following main features-

  • Elegant dependency tracking: KnockoutJs updates only the right(required) parts of the UI when there is change in data model.
  • Declarative bindings: A easiest way to connect the UI parts to the data model.
  • Trivially extensible: You can implement custom behaviors as new declarative bindings for reusing the code.
  • Templating: It Provides templating functionality to develop complex UI.

KnockoutJs Benefits

KnockoutJs has following benefits which makes it different –

  • Pure JavaScript Library: It is pure JavaScript Library which works with any client or server side language.
  • Compact: It is very light weight library which is just 13KB after gzip.
  • Supports on All Browsers: It works almost on all mainstream browsers.

You Should Know

Before starting you should be aware of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Document object model(DOM).


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