Codeigniter Autoload Models

Codeigniter autoload models: You can auto-load models instead of loading it again and again.

Syntax : Codeigniter autoload models

1. Go to application/config/autoload.php
2. Go to the below lines

$autoload['model'] = array();

3. Now Add your model you want to auto-load.

$autoload['model'] = array('yourmodel_name');

For Multiple Models :

$autoload['model'] = array('yourmodel_name1','yourmodel_name2','yourmodel_name3');

Example : Codeigniter autoload models

$autoload['model'] = array('My_first_model');

Now you can access this model without loading it again in controller.


class MyUsers extends CI_Controller {
   public function users(){
    // No need load model here you can call directly
     $data['users'] = $this->My_first_model->getData();
     $this->load->view('MyUsers_view', $data);




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