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Bootstrap Tutorial – Bootstrap is most popular framework for development of responsive & mobile first websites.
The resources used in bootstrap are HTML, CSS & Javascript. It enables users to rapid responsive
layout development.

Bootstrap Tutorial

Bootstrap provides rich grid-based responsive layout system. Bootstrap is powerful framework to develop responsive mobile-first website, It is one of the most loved framework for developing the mobile-first websites.


This tutorial is designed for the professionals to help them in learning the basic concept of Bootstrap. In this tutorial we will cover the basic and powerful features which can help the professionals to create fast, beautiful and mobile-first web applications using Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is free to use, you can use it free of cost.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Bootstrap

Bootstrap have become one of the most popular framework in Last few years. The Bootstrap framework is rich framework and have several benefits to use it. Here are top 5 reasons to use bootstrap framework.

  • Rapid Development– If you are looking rapid development then bootstrap can be one of the best option, it provides the rich inbuilt readymade blocks which can be used easily without needing any extra effort.
  • Responsive– Bootstrap uses media query which scales the websites on each devices from smart phone to desktop easily, you don’t need to write any extra code for other devices.
  • Easy to Learn & Implement– It is very easy to learn & implement if you have basic knowledge of HTML, Css & jQuery you can learn and implement it easily.
  • Customizable– Bootstrap is customizable you can override the default layout by overriding the classes.
  • Support– Bootstrap Has great community support & it is growing day by day.


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