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AngularJs install

Angular Js installation and Setup : Below steps explains the Installation.

There are following ways to install the AngularJs

1. Download and use it.

If you want to keep the angular Js on your server, download it from https://angularjs.org/.
Go to above link you will see :

Steps to install angularjs

Download angularJs

Now click on the download button. Incude this file in of the page.

2. Use CDN.

You can use CDN access which is hosted on google server. You can simply include and use the angularJs.

Note: We will use the google cdn as provided above



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AngularJs Intro

AngularJs is a javascript framework. AngularJs is created and maintained by google. It’s first version was released in 2009. AngularJs is based on MVC pattern ie. Model, Controller and View.
The views are defined using the HTML and AngularJs’s template language. The Models and controllers are defined using javascript objects and functions.

Features of AngularJs

  • AngularJs is powerful to create single page application
  • AngularJs enables user to create client side application in MVC pattren.
  • AngularJs is free to use.
  • AngularJs is cross browser compatible.