Get Mobile Number in Ionic Framework

Get Mobile Number in Ionic Framework : In ionic framework you can use the DeviceInformation plugin to get the information from device. Install the cordova plugin from – Here we are going to explain the method to get information from device such as – Get phone number, SIM card serial number etc.

Get Mobile Number in Ionic Framework

Using the plugin you can get the following information –

  • Your unique Device ID
  • Phone Number (if it is stored in your SIM card)
  • Country ISO of your phone network provider
  • Network provider name
  • SIM Card Serial number
  • Country ISO of your SIM card
  • Name of your SIM card mobile operator
  • E-mail/Phone number used by apps listed in your Settings > Accounts & Sync list

Below is sample code to get device information to get the desired data from the result

Get Phone Number in Ionic Framework

var deviceInformation = cordova.require("cordova/plugin/DeviceInformation");
deviceInformation .get(function(result) {
        console.log("result = " + result);
    }, function() {

The above example will give you the device information such as phone number.

Note : The above plugin will work only in Android devices. It will not work on IOS platform


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