Codeigniter Calendar Library

Codeigniter Calendar Library: Codeigniter provides Calendar library which enables us to create calendar dynamically. It provides you flexibility to control the design of the calendar. You can also customize the calendar such as controlling look & feel and passing data into cells etc. Here in this tutorial we are going to explain how you can use this library to create calendars dynamically.

Codeigniter Calender Library

Let us go step by step to understand how codeigniter library can be used –

Load Calendar Library

Before using the calendar library you must load the calendar library. You can load calendar library simply as below –

Codeigniter Load Calendar Library Syntax:


Now after loading this library you can use it.

Displaying Calendar

Once the library is loaded you can display the calendar simply as below –

Display | Show Calendar Example:

echo $this->calendar->generate();

The above syntax will generate the calendar in the codeigniter. You can also pass data to your calendar cells.


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