AngularJs Filters

AngularJs Filters :Provides some filters which are applied before displaying the data. Pipe line Character is used to apply the filters

AngularJs Filters : Following types of Filters are available

  • filter– Filter the data based on criteria.
  • uppercase-Converts in uppercase
  • lowercase-Converts in lowercase
  • currency-Converts in currency
  • orderby-Sorts array data based on criteria

[table width=”100%” colwidth=”10|100|290|160″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
No,Filters ,Description, Example & Detail, Demo
1.,filter,Filter the data based on criteria, More Detail & Demo », Demo »
2.,uppercase,Converts in uppercase, More Detail & Demo », Demo »
3.,lowercase,Converts in lowercase, More Detail & Demo », Demo »
3.,Currency,Converts in currency, More Detail & Demo », Demo »
3.,orderby,Sorts array data based on criteria, More Detail & Demo », Demo »


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